SimCorp accelerates buy side data aggregation and normalization with AccessFintech partnership


London, New York and Tel Aviv – 21 November 2022: SimCorp, a leading provider of SaaS Investment Management solutions, and AccessFintech, the data normalisation and workflow network, today announced a new partnership that will connect AccessFintech’s Synergy Network with SimCorp’s Asset Service Hub. This collaboration will enable SimCorp’s clients to better access and visualize data through aggregation and normalisation, increasing efficiency across the buy-side.


SimCorp’s Asset Service Hub provides a scalable cloud-based integration service to accelerate custodian and data interoperability and support SimCorp’s clients. AccessFintech’s Synergy Network improves data quality and workflow efficiency by aggregating and providing access to diverse datasets across the financial ecosystem. Synergy’s integration with SimCorp’s Asset Service Hub means buy-side clients will be able to benefit from better data normalization, which helps simplify workflows and increase collaboration across and between organizations. Less time and resources spent on data management will speed up time to market and improve efficiency, allowing team members to spend less time on data processing. Better and faster data management and normalization will also help the buy-side with a quickly changing regulatory environment.


Jaki Walsh, Vice President, Accounting & Operations, SimCorp, said: “Our clients are actively looking for data interoperability, leveraging technology to drive efficiency and provide a complete view. They are pushing for stronger and more simplified data processes that allow them to adapt quickly and focus more on revenue-generating activities. Innovative solutions such as the Asset Service Hub enable our clients to ‘plug and play’ into the market for investment management processes with a faster time to value.”


Boaz Zilberman, Executive Vice President, Business Development, AccessFintech, said: “We are excited to see AccessFintech’s capability to aggregate and normalize real-time data help drive efficiencies offered by partner firms. Integrating the Synergy Network with Simcorp’s cutting-edge service will expand the value of our data offering to financial institutions, improving efficiency in the market as a whole.”