Our Products

Our products are based on three
components of value creation

Self Service

  • A single, multi-institutional portal
  • Data access for self-service resolution
  • Proven reduction in exception resolution time

Mutualisation of risk

  • Aggregation of distributed or disjointed data
  • Central governance of ownership, liablilty and effort


  • Data, exception and workload sharing across organisations and functions
  • Enabling informed, efficient decision making

We have created a shared data network

Identifying non-competing, non-differentiating, yet mandatory, repeatable processes.
With a focus on exception and cost centres, and always through collaboration.

AccessFintech workflow Diagram


Our workflow capability enables full lifecycle management of all exceptions.

By aggregating data, from any source and in any format, clients can gain clear insight into all outstanding risk via a single UI.

The ability to then risk categorise exceptions, assign to users, collaborate with external stakeholders and action resolution from the same UI affords and unparalleled user experience.

Vendor Gateway

API management for standalone vendors and utilities, to onboard a new vendor in weeks rather than 18 months.

Managing data distribution, access rights and permissions and mitigating the cost of API management.

Vendor Lake

AccessFintech Vendor Lake provides a new consumption-based model, sharing data in a single ecosystem.

Delivering combined data access and workflow solutions by connecting organisations to multiple vendors via a single gateway sitting above their own technology.