Product Suite

Pre-matching and Settlements

Trade Management exception workflow is currently reliant on significant email, excel and telephone interactions across participants.

AccessFintech provides real-time data availability, status updates and resolution capabilities across the whole trade lifecycle – booking, confirmation pre-matching, fails and settlements.

Cash Payments and Affirmations

Payment management is currently manual and reactive, resulting in overdrafts/claims due to late application of payments and mismatched amounts.

AccessFintech is changing the market operating model by facilitating payment affirmation, aggregation of data, exception pairing, API instruction and adherence to FIX-led protocol.

Bank Loan – Agent Position Confirmation

Buyside organisations face challenges confirming and reconciling agent positions.

AccessFintech provides a centralised view of data reporting to allow participants to collaborate to achieve resolution of discrepancies.

Checklist Manager

Organisations have poor internal checklist data, managed manually via spreadsheets, with incomplete checks approaching deadlines and lack of internal agreement, agreeing or reassignment of checks between departments/teams/individuals. AccessFintech provides a checklist dashboard displaying data and statuses.

Inventory Stock Record

Frequent, avoidable failed trade settlements due to lack of easily accessible inventory information. Inventory data across entire organisations is rarely available, resulting in high volume of internal mail traffic or multiple system log-ins to check inventory statuses.

AccessFintech provides a collateral view of inventory information across organisation including depot and stock on loan details.

Repo Confirmation Gateway

Repo confirmations available across multiple vendors (CTM, Trax). Repo confirmation statuses are received in various formats requiring specific manual process per vendor.

AccessFintech Vendor Gateway reduces onboarding, distribution and build costs, normalises repo data to multiple vendors and clients, aggregates and provides a collated view of exceptions from vendors and clients.

Cash Transfer Data Distribution

Custodians report cash wire statuses in various formats, according to client preferences, leading to high volume of email traffic and no collated or realtime view of cash statuses.

AccessFintech normalises and shares cash wire statuses to multiple clients, with realtime status updates, adjustable risk ratings, and enabling communication via the platform.

Supply Chain Management

Organisations rarely have a view of exception progress across teams/processes causing challenges in identifying risk within a lifecycle and areas for improvement. AccessFintech provides an overview of the entire lifecycle and self-service risk rules to identify bottlenecks according to team, process, client, region and asset. Clients manage resource and performance by reassigning volume or evidencing consistent high volumes. We also provide supply chain data derived from other AccessFintech products or directly.

Products in active testing or in proof-of-concept stage

ETD Settlements

Realtime exception pairing between counterparts.


Supporting the entire CSDR workflow including management of eligible fails, penalty tracking and the buy-in lifecycle.
Direct connectivity to buy-in agents and support with all downstream data requirements including cash differences, cash compensation and penalty allocation.
All supported by AccessFintech through a single UI.

ABOR / IBOR Reconciliation

Collation, sharing, resolving of exceptions, realtime exception pairing between counterparties and extraction of reconciliation results.

CLO Data Comparison

Systematically reconcile underlying loan data ahead CLO Reporting and collaborate in one place.

Regulatory Reporting

Collaborating with market participants.
Introduction and streamlining of reporting workflows for EMIR, MiFID II, SFTR etc.

Loan Settlements Oversight

Manage all of your open loan trades and statuses regardless of settlement platform.

Financial Crime

Partnership with market participants
Use of settlement and third-party data to identify multi-party activity and risk assess.

Cash Capacity

Automate and centralise your spendable cash reporting.