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CSDR – we can work it out

Roy Saadon, CEO of Access FinTech, believes only a collaborative approach will resolve the new regulatory and market infrastructure challenges faced by the industry.


Ezops Q&A

In partnership with EZOPS Inc, a leading provider of AI-powered Data Control and Automation solutions, the two fintech firms are delivering tremendous impact for industry-wide

Fintech 2.0

During these extraordinary times, the challenges remind us that we are part of a wider community – of family, employees, clients and partners. We are

csdr video

CSDR settlement solution

Access Fintech is deploying a #CSDR settlement solution to radically improve efficiency for all market participants. Buyside, Sellside and Custody.

cappitech QA

Cappitech Q&A

Following our announcement with Cappitech last week, the two company CEOs sat down to discuss the partnership in more detail.

Accessfintech in 2019

AccessFintech in 2019

As we near the end of 2019, a message from all of us at Access Fintech. We look forward to connecting in 2020!

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