Senior Front-End Developer

Glasgow · Full-time · Senior

About The Position

As a Frontend developer at Access Fintech, you will use modern web technologies to develop our core application, with a primary focus on building great user experiences. We care about best practices, stability, and performance, so encourage writing tests and using automation to keep us on target and efficient.

As we are a small team, your experience and skills will be vital to improving our codebase, and you will have the opportunity to contribute across our entire stack, from our design system to our CI/CD pipelines.

Your responsibilities

•   Write HTML/JS/CSS code to build out our frontend application

•   Create components & utilities for our internal design system

•   Participate in code reviews, sharing your knowledge with the rest of the team

•   Actively write & maintain tests for the features you build

•   Collaborate closely with our Product & Design teams, helping to take ideas from creation to delivery

•   Work with Backend teams, suggesting GraphQL schemas to build the UIs we need.


•  4+ years of experience building high quality and enjoyable user interfaces

•  A proven background in writing understandable, testable, and efficient web applications using modern stacks

•  Familiarity with modern front-end tools and technologies, and an enthusiasm in keeping up to date with these changes

•  Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, CSS-in-JS, GraphQL

•  Clear communication, both around technical concepts among other engineers and with other non-technical teams in the company

•  The ability to give & receive constructive feedback, helping improve the team’s overall knowledge

•  Proactive & able to work with a team based in London

•  Understanding of agile development processes

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