Webinar: Accelerated Settlement Global Debrief Webinar

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“Accelerated Settlement Global Debrief Webinar”


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Wednesday 5 April 2:00pm UK (9:00am US)


Register your interest in the Accelerated Settlement Global Debrief Webinar, featuring a panel session with industry experts from the Buy-Side and Sell-Side!
AccessFintech’s Roy Saadon and Pardeep Cassells are joined by Naveen TV, Global Head of Data & Integration at J.P. Morgan, and Lou Rosato, Director at BlackRock. The group will explore global T+1 migration, how organisations can best prepare, and what additional opportunities are enabled beyond meeting new regulatory requirements.

Email marketing@accessfintech.com for more information in time for Wednesday 5 April 2:00pm UK (9:00am US)