Loan Data Management

Loan Data Management

Synergy is preventing payment disputes and reducing email communication in the syndicated Loan market

Synergy is creating a collaborative network of shared data, connecting Agents, Lenders and Trustees/Admins. Enabling real-time data transparency and the digitalisation of Loan contract data.

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Synergy Loans network

The Synergy Loan Data Management solution enables Agents and Lenders to manage shared workflows, creating data transparency and collaborating on resolution.

Data Normalisation Data Normalisation
Accrual & Position Matching Accrual & Position Matching
Vendor Connectivity Vendor Connectivity
Cross-market Collaboration Cross-market Collaboration
Data Aggregation Data Aggregation
Communication Audit Trail Communication Audit Trail
Exception Management Exception Management
Payment Discrepancy Prevention Payment Discrepancy Prevention
Data Insights Data Insights

Synergy eradicates common industry challenges



Contract details are communicated via fax or email and can be inconsistent, confusing, or even go missing
On-demand self-service platform to easily organise and access contract level data across all Agents in a single view
High query traffic related to missing data, discrepancies and requests to resolve issuers via unstructured email
Data transparency with a linked multi way structured communication infrastructure creates a centralised place to collaborate across organisations with a clear audit history
Incorrect payments lead to significant manual effort and resource being invested in correcting errors
Systemic accrual and position matching predicts discrepancies and facilitates efficient resolution of them

AccessFintech Loan industry working group/forum

Change the landscape of the Syndicated Loan Market, join your peers and providers to change the loans process and reduce time-consuming discrepancies. Address other market issues in a forum shaping the future of our Loans product by creating and agreeing on best practices for shared workflows across the industry.

  • Regular meetings to provide updates on product, partnerships and network to the Syndicated Loan Industry
  • Bringing the community together to discuss current issues and best practice solutions
  • Mutually agree minimum data set for new products
  • Collaborate to create consistent workflow

“Our partnership helps to solve the pressing industry challenge for both sides of the market around digitisation of data. Finastra and AccessFintech are uniquely placed to deliver greater transparency for the loan market. AccessFintech’s extensive network and proven collaboration capabilities will ensure that we reach all market participants. Together we will drive the loan market forward.”

Amy Walker, VP, Fusion LenderComm at Finastra

Benefit realisation

Synergy Client Experience

Operational Efficiency Operational Efficiency
  • Reduced cost of processing
  • Significant reduction in emails
  • Removal of bespoke client reports
  • Faster time to resolution
Streamlined Infrastructure Streamlined Infrastructure
  • Reduced cost and time to connect to multiple clients/vendors
  • Single user interface/login
  • Integration with proprietarysystems
Network Collaboration Network Collaboration
  • Agent to Lender distribution
  • Agent to Admin distribution
  • Bulk responses across entireLender base
  • On and Off-Network collaboration
Connected Market Connected Market
  • Connection to entire Lender community with self-service configuration
  • Increased frequency of data distribution
  • Support client communication preferences
  • Direct Lender information
Risk Mitigation Risk Mitigation
  • Automated delivery reduces manual errors
  • Reduced rework due to distribution of clear and timely data

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