Series C Funding

We sat down for a chat with our CEO and Co-founder Roy Saadon, who discusses fundraising as a fintech in the current market environment following

The network effect accessfintech podcast

The Network Effect (Trailer)

Introducing The Network Effect, AccessFintech's new podcast!We'll be giving you a behind the scenes look at trading technology in conversation with the very people who

new horizon

New Horizons

Brian Bollen takes a look back at the history of TARGET2-Securities, and how the introduction of the T2/T2S Consolidation Project this coming November is set

Blushing blunders

Jenna Lomax analyses why a fresh look at data services is needed in 2022 — following the recent “fat-finger” error of 2 May, as well

T+1 Webinar

Join us to hear about the Impact of T+1 and how AFT are working with the industry via our Synergy network to change the settlement